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    The Amazing Eco friendly alternative to plastic wrap. 

    Washable reuseable and more manageable than plastic. 

    How do you wrap your beeswax wraps?

    Beeswax Wraps demonstration.

    Starter Pack 4 x Beeswax Wraps 2 Small 1 Medium 1 Large


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    Our 4 piece starter pack is one of the best value Beeswax Wraps you will find. Our Eco friendly beeswax wraps are larger than most competitors to maximise functionality and have been infused with colloidal silver to enhance anti-microbial properties. 

    This variety pack will get you going with beeswax wraps, or make an excellent gift to someone special. It consists of 2 small beeswax food wraps 23x23cm, 1 Medium 34x28 cm, and 1 Large 40x34cm. 

    Choose the designs you like best!

    How to choose your favourite designs

    Once you've placed your order, we will email you an image of our current prints so you may select your preferences. The image displayed will usually have some of the most recent options. Any special requests or questions may be sent to: orders@beeswaxwraps.com.au

    Someone from our team can contact you with more great options if requested prints are not available.  

    Top Sellers

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    Beeswax Wraps FAQ

    What can I do with my beeswax wraps and how do I fold mine in to a bag?

    Beeswax Wraps are primarily used to store and keep your foods and produce fresh. Wrap and squeeze tight your veggies, herbs, cheese, breads, flowers, leftovers and more. By folding your Beeswax Wrap in half and rolling and pinching the edges in you can create a bag to better store all your loose produce like beans, brussels, berries, tomatoes, Mushrooms, nuts, seeds, or whatever your big imaginative heart desires.

    For wraping examples chick here!

    Where does your cotton come from?

    Our cotton prints are carefully selected with both quality and design as a primary focus. At the moment we use a combination of Gots Certified organic as well as non organic cotton to maintain a better print variety to our customers. If you are not fussed with the print options and require your cotton to be organic, please let us know right away and we will be happy to do our best to meet your needs. Our eye catching prints have been mostly sourced from Japan and the United States and India. 

    While we strive to find the best of the best and grow towards a 100% organic future, we are currently seeking to learn how to make our own organic dyes and designs. So please stay tuned. 

    How can I clean them and will beeswax stick to my food or change its taste?

    Cleaning your Beeswax Wraps is easy. 

    Simply wash gently under cold water with mild hand soap, and wash as you would your hands. When shaking off excess water, Do NOT wring them out like a dish rag. You may either lay them over drying rack, hang or pat them dry with a tea towel. find a handy drawer to store them in once dry and your kitchen will stay tidy and beautiful. 

    As for Beeswax sticking to food or impairing its taste, we have found that for either case it s not likely. Our unique recipe and manufacturing processes were meticulously developed to prevent cracking over time, allowing for a longer lasting beeswax wrap. 

    The beautifully subtle organic beeswax aroma has been described as, "one of those scents that draws a craving for more, like a long slow inhale of fresh coffee in the morning or your favourite blooming flowers." While it doesn't seem to transfer to wrapped food, we wonder who would really mind a drop of honey flavour on just about anything, if it did. 

    How do I know when my wrap has expired, and can I fix it?

    Your wrap should last between 8 and 12 months depending on how you care for it and how often it's used. As the wrap evolves, we recommend laying it out in the sun on a sheet of baking paper until it looks like its wet. gently pick it up in corners and allow to air dry. This should only take a few seconds. This will help to re-invigorate your wrap and help to bring it back to life. you can also try hanging and using a hairdryer or a heat gun to reinfuse any loose wax into the cotton. We have found this technique to be one of the simplest and most effective. 

    Do you offer custom size Beeswax Wraps and Is it cheaper to buy a pack?

    Yes. You may choose any length from 3 sizes. Medium 28cm, Large 34cm, XL 46cm. 


    When buying a value pack, Yes, You will save about $11 per pack over buying them individually.

    Why are your wraps so big? 

    We found that the larger sizes can be much more versatile allowing for more to be covered and creating more space when folding them into bags. We thought you would appreciate  

    About Us

    The Bumble Beginning

    When Angie and I started making Beeswax Wraps from the 5 kilos of left over organic beeswax we had sitting in our attic for nearly 3 years, we had no Idea what was about to happen. What started as a humble weekend project met us with a demand we never saw coming. Thanks to so much amazing feedback and support from our family, friends, and now our customers, our little weekend adventure soon became Beeswax Wraps Australia. 

    Starting a business together had been a dream of ours for some time, but it had to be a perfect combination of meeting customer needs and somehow making the place we live in better and more sustainable. It had to be something we could both be proud of. 

    To have such an amazing and multifunctional product that not only everyone seems to want and need, but is also something the planet needs, is eco-friendly, sustainable, helps us to reduce waste and improve global bee populations is a blessing beyond even our own wild expectations.

    We feel so strongly it is all of our responsibilities to embrace more sustainable choices to ensure a healthier planet for ourselves and future generations.  

    Thanks to your support, our fantastic product can now be found in a growing number of shops, markets, and homes around Australia and of course online at beeswaxwraps.com.au

    Please stay tuned for new exciting products and innovations such as cut to size beeswax wraps, where you can cut your beeswax wrap off the roll to the custom size you require. 

    Thank you for your support! 

    Big Love

    Free Shipping

    We are so excited for you to try our amazing Beeswax Wraps, Angie and I have decided to ship all orders over $40 to you for free if you live in Australia! If you need to expedite to overnight or next day shipping, just shoot us a message with your order and we will do our best accomodate and will inform you of any added fees.

    Homemade With Love

    At Beeswax Wraps Australia, we make all of our Beeswax Wraps from home by hand and handmade technology. From sourcing and choosing our beautiful fabrics, to cutting and infusing them with local organic Australian beeswax blend, we pour our love in to every step of the process. Let's try and go plastic free, with the best plastic wrap alternative for an Eco friendly kitchen and world. 

    Reusable & Eco-friendly

    Help keep the environment clean, your kitchen beautiful, and your food and produce fresh. You'll never buy plastic wrap again!

    A unique hand crafted blend

    Our unique blend was specifically crafted to amplify the anti-microbial properties of your wrap. By infusing our organically harvested beeswax with Colloidal Silver as well as wild Pine Rosin and organic Jojoba oil, our Beeswax Wraps will help to keep your foods free from micro organisms and will last for up to a year with proper care.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We are so confident you will absolutely love your Beeswax Wraps, were including a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. 

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