Our story
The Bumble Beginning


What started out as a humble weekend project met us with an encouraging and inspiring demand that has filled our lives with blessings and motivation to succeed for all of us. Your excitement and support have helped us grow to become an organic leader in this great industry. From the beginning, we always had the vision to create a better world, and we’re so grateful you’re coming along for the ride.💚


Rob Joined us in early 2018 and we couldn’t be happier. If you have been fortunate enough to meet Rob at one of our markets, we imagine your experience would have left you with a smile. Josh and Rob met while helping to raise money for various conservation and bush restoration projects around Australia. As our friendship grows, we continue to experience the fullness of Rob’s big heart and are blessed to have him on the team. Rob plays many key roles within our business from waxing and prep work to staffing local markets, creative ideas, and more.

Our commitments
Our hive’s main drives

Bee sure you know how your product is made. We strive to be ecologically sustainable in our hive, looking after the environment we share, is our drive.

Want more details on what this entails?

Our feeling is the earth needs a little healing. So ditch the plastic, our wraps are fantastic. We’re buzzed to create a product you can enjoy time and time again! Not to mention it’s positive impact, helping keep our world intact.

We’re proud members of such a buzzin’ association, with their main aim being to nurture and educate future apiarists. Get involved in promoting the protection of our precious bees, ABA welcome’s all, we promise you’ll have a ball.


We use the all natural and powerful power of the sun to heat up our beeswax so that we can apply them to our wraps.

Our commitments
Our hive’s main drives
Our vision
Let’s create a buzz that will change the world.

Our vision is to create the greatest buzz in the world of food wraps and beyond. To pollinate minds and uncap value-driven leaders who are ready to change the world.

Our mission is to grow and inspire mindful sustainable actions. We reduce our culture’s dependency on single-use plastics, by creating exciting, effective reusable and biodegradable food and life wrapping solutions.

Values: We cultivate remarkable creative leaders. To thrive we embrace connection, teamwork and mutual respect, pausing often to honor and recognize all life on its unique journey. We innovate and we love it. We cherish discovering new ways to amplify joy. We inspire greatness through ambition to heal our planet. We achieve success through continuous progress towards realizing our goals, fulfilling our mission, and seeing our vision evolve. We love, we forgive, we accept, we grow and we rise with gratitude every-day.

We want to acknowledge with gratitude, the beautiful artist who is responsible for creating the magical bee that we now wear with honor on our sleeve. This offspring of Sunnys Honey Bee has become the face of our Brand/heart, at Beeswax Wraps Australia. We are blessed to share with you his talent and vision of a mindful awareness towards healing our precious earth.


Have a question?
Can I wash my Beeswax wrap in the dishwasher?

Beeswax Wraps are not intended for storing raw meat and do not work well with super oily contents. Do not place in the oven microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, or over hot dishes, or run under hot water as the wax will melt.

Where does your Beeswax come from?

All of our Beeswax Wraps are made with ACO Certified Organic Beeswax from NSW Australia. 

Where does your cotton come from?

At the moment our Gots Certified Organic cottons are primarily coming from India and Korea, as Australia does not currently have the adequate climate landscape to sustainably produce this crop.

Can I order custom size Beeswax Wraps?

Most of our Beeswax Wraps can be purchased by the metre through our shop page, at the markets and through some of our favorite retailers like Naked Foods. 

Will Beeswax stick to my food?

Beeswax does not tend to stick to your food.