Restoring Our Earth Together ~

Earth Day 2☼21

Earth day gets the spotlight once again as the new year finds its feet to courageously march on to restore our earth together. Today we are opening the heart of our Honey bee as a symbol growing into the future. 

Today, we search for ways to sustainably celebrate. We look to recognise heroes and challenge ourselves to implement mindful behaviours, but how do we make our intentions shine daily continuing on?

As we charge forth to open our hearts to new ideas and aspirations to heal our planet, we are making a subtle change to our precious Honey Bee Logo. With her change, we charge these intentions with a prayer of abundance, gratitude and love for this great effort. 

As a gift to all who are blessed to find the pleasure of her acquaintance, and from this Earth day forward, we are officially opening the visual heart of our Honey Bee logo. We chose to do this as a reminder to help inspire our daily actions and intentions to embrace with love and patience these great changes upon us. 

See how she’s grown.

Baby Honey Bee ~ The Beginning

New Honey Bee ~ Open Heart

Honouring Her Artist

We want to honour and recognise Sunny S☼lWind, the incredible artist of our Beloved Honey Bee.

Thank you Sunny for sharing with us this prayer. Your Honey Bee was destined to find its way into so many thousands of homes all around the world, and now with it our prayer which is forever alive and growing.

Please have a moment to learn more about our dear friend.

“My work is inspired by my love for the natural world. It echoes universal and archetypal themes with images that celebrate our connections to nature, the Divine and each other.

I am drawn to detail and the striking power of black and white. Within the simplicity of black and white all comes forth.

Intention and prayer is woven into each image as a reflection of everything interconnected through the power of love.

Besides art, music is another central point in my life. As a musician I focus on shamanic & ritualistic traditional and contemporary music, and its use as a tool for transformation and honoring the Divine.

For the past decade my skills on the frame drum, didgeridoo, Native American flute, and percussion have largely been offerings dedicated to community building and honoring the Sacred.

May my offerings be a reminder, or perhaps a portal to the Divine and the Divine within yourself, to heal and touch that place in you that what wants to shine.

If I have in some way through my art, music or words, inspired, invoked, activated, initiated or brought forth healing in you, then Aho! My core intention is that of activation to allow the flow of Love.

~Sunny S☼lwind

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