Restoring Our Earth Together ~

Earth Day 2☼21

Earth day gets the spotlight once again as the new year finds its feet to courageously march on to restore our earth together. Today we are opening the heart of our Honey bee as a symbol growing into the future. 

Today, we search for ways to sustainably celebrate. We look to recognise heroes and challenge ourselves to implement mindful behaviours, but how do we make our intentions shine daily continuing on?

As we charge forth to open our hearts to new ideas and aspirations to heal our planet, we are making a subtle change to our precious Honey Bee Logo. With her change, we charge these intentions with a prayer of abundance, gratitude and love for this great effort. 

As a gift to all who are blessed to find the pleasure of her acquaintance, and from this Earth day forward, we are officially opening the visual heart of our Honey Bee logo. We chose to do this as a reminder to help inspire our daily actions and intentions to embrace with love and patience these great changes upon us. 

See how she’s grown.

Baby Honey Bee ~ The Beginning

New Honey Bee ~ Open Heart

Honouring Her Artist

We want to honour and recognise Sunny S☼lWind, the incredible artist of our Beloved Honey Bee.

Thank you Sunny for sharing with us this prayer. Your Honey Bee was destined to find its way into so many thousands of homes all around the world, and now with it our prayer which is forever alive and growing.

Please have a moment to learn more about our dear friend.

“My work is inspired by my love for the natural world. It echoes universal and archetypal themes with images that celebrate our connections to nature, the Divine and each other.

I am drawn to detail and the striking power of black and white. Within the simplicity of black and white all comes forth.

Intention and prayer is woven into each image as a reflection of everything interconnected through the power of love.

Besides art, music is another central point in my life. As a musician I focus on shamanic & ritualistic traditional and contemporary music, and its use as a tool for transformation and honoring the Divine.

For the past decade my skills on the frame drum, didgeridoo, Native American flute, and percussion have largely been offerings dedicated to community building and honoring the Sacred.

May my offerings be a reminder, or perhaps a portal to the Divine and the Divine within yourself, to heal and touch that place in you that what wants to shine.

If I have in some way through my art, music or words, inspired, invoked, activated, initiated or brought forth healing in you, then Aho! My core intention is that of activation to allow the flow of Love.

~Sunny S☼lwind

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Buy a metre, Save a metre of the Daintree Rainforest

Our Mindful Consumption Initiative

As we approach this holiday season and try to shop with more awareness, we wanted to find another way to give back to our precious planet earth.

While we know there are deals to be made and bargains to be had wherever you turn, we thought we could do better.

We’re super excited to announce that Beeswax Wraps Australia has teamed up with to buy and protect endangered land in the Daintree Rainforest, and return the land and title to the traditional owners, the Kuku Yalanji.

1 square metre of land connected to the Daintree Rain Forest will be preserved, with every metre of Beeswax Wrap purchased.

Imagine the difference we can make when we work together. The Daintree rainforest, one of the best biologically diverse rainforests in the world right here in Australia.

Last year we had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy of His social movement engages people of all cultures, ages and sexes to raise awareness and raise funds for forest conservation & regeneration. They are doing this because over 50% of the world’s forests are destroyed. 

Here is there Mission!

Mission: The goal of HalfCut is to be the face of the environmental movement. By encouraging women, men and children to wear their HalfCut look to help save the last remaining 50% forests globally and start the regeneration of what we have lost. HalfCut aims to protect crucial forests for habitat for threatened and endangered species, protect Traditional Owners land titles, start mass tree planting projects and ultimately be part of the solution to the growing climate emergency, ensuring a safe future for all species on Earth. 

We really love the HalfCut project for the many noble works they are achieving around the world, but I believe they truly won our hearts when we discovered they created a campaign to buy back endangered land in the Daintree, and then return the title to the Traditional owners, the Kuku Yalanji. Bravo!

We are so happy to participate and are excited to share this great cause with all of our beautiful customers and supporters.

Thank you for being amazing!

Plastic Free July is in full swing!

Celebrating a journey of obstacles and success.

Sometimes we take on challenges without realising the list of difficulties that come with such decisions. Maybe we have an idea, but once the journey begins, reality can certainly challenge us. I didn’t expect to find it so many obstacles on my first day of plastic-free July this year.

It started off fine enough. My family set off for the day, each with our own keep cups and stainless steel water bottles and cutlery. I even brought my carry bags for a last-minute dinner shop.

Committing to a plastic-free July would also be changing the entire meal structures I had intended for my family. Only remembering this once I was standing in the grocery store, analysing still limited options to avoid the dreaded stuff! It really is everywhere! This meant no tortillas, no frozen berries, no pasta, or hamburger buns, and the list goes on. Then the disappointment slowly lingers in!

At the butcher

I needed raw pet mince for our dog Koya. “Can you please just put that in a double paper bag”. I’ll be home soon enough I thought, as she grabbed the meat with a plastic bag. I was committed now… Uggh!

On the way out, a lady in a giant panda suit offered my daughter and me, a sample of some lovely Korean chicken. She offered a complimentary dish if we download their app of course. We decided to give it a go. After all, they had compostable boxes, so it seemed. We were given a paper takeaway box of a pork dish, but we try not to eat pork. We politely requested something different, if possible. The chicken perhaps? But they had run out. She returned with a plastic container of potatoes and corn. Insert a long sigh! It did look delicious.

The damage is done I thought. How annoying would it be for us to refuse this? The plastic will end up somewhere. In someone else’s hands who may be less responsible with its disposal or re-use attempts. We took the gift, said thank you, and continued home.

What’s my point with all of this?

Is plastic free July actually making a difference? Are we just making temporary edits to our daily actions for a month?

I think it is. 30 days of repetitive thought and action can help us learn and re-engrain sustainable habits into our daily lives. Those little steps always look much bigger over time.

Baby steps have led me to 4 years of carrying a reusable coffee cup every day. To a habit of being mindful. I’ve now become familiar with leaving the house with my own takeaway food containers when I need them. My stainless steel water bottle and cutlery are almost always with me nowadays.

It seems to me, the victory is found In the little inconveniences on our journeys. The challenges that thrust us into action to do something extraordinary, and change our behaviour. As those collective implementations are realised, we bring more clarity to the great strides we are making, and that is cause for celebration. We should all be proud of ourselves.

No one is perfect. Stumbling through obstacles means we are trying, and that’s fantastic! We want to encourage you on your imperfect journeys towards sustainability with a special offer. That’s why we are giving you $10 off any value pack through Plastic-free July this year. It’s these imperfect moments that become the catalyst for the beautiful changes we create for our future. We think you’re doing a great job, and we really are grateful.

Thank you so much for your support.

Repairing your well loved Beeswax Wraps

Tips for restoring your beeswax wraps

Looking for a fun and easy way to be productive on your afternoon at home?

Well, it might be time to pull out your favourite beeswax wraps and give them the little extra tender loving care they deserve. They’re the ones with the funky pattern that you fell in love with as soon as you saw them, or the one that was given to you by your best mate for your housewarming, or the one you stole from your aunty at bad Santa last Christmas.

Your Beeswax Wraps are more than just food wraps, they are reusable items we keep close every day that say something about you. That you are making a difference towards reducing single-use plastic!

Depending on how much ‘love’ your wrap has had in the last 6 months will determine whether or not it’s in need of repair. Look for deep cracks, exposed fabric or crumbing wax. There is a good chance that despite the wear and tear, your wrap is still working fine.

Look for the wraps that leave larger residue stuck to bowls, or wax that feels dry and ready to fall off.

Now that you have you ready to be repaired wraps, it’s time to get some tools for the job:

  • Clothes washing pegs
  • A thin piece of bamboo/stick or string
  • Hairdryer (or heat gun)
  • Food tongs

Now, let’s go:

1. Find something like a thin piece of bamboo/stick or string that you can easily peg and hang your beeswax wrap onto from two corners.

2. Hold the beeswax wrap with the food tongs from a bottom corner and at a distance of about 15 to 30 cm depending on the heat output of your device. If you are using a hair dryer you will likely need to use the highest setting. For a heat gun, start on the lower setting. Begin applying hot air evenly around the wrap. Gradually move closer with the same motion covering all parts of the wrap until you see the wax slowly starting to melt.

3. Continue spreading the hot air around the surface of the entire wrap, distributing the melted wax over the areas in need of repair. You can use a spatula, warm butter knife or brush to help move the wax mixture across the surface of your wrap if needed. It is easier just to shake it evenly, and pat firmly together with your hands once the wax is cool enough to not come off on your skin.

4. Once your wrap cool down, rotate, and repeat the process until satisfied. be sure to unravel the edges and run the heat in the corners as well.

**At any stage if you can see the wax is melting too fast or the heat is causing damage to your wrap simply pull the hot air source back, let the wrap cool down for about 15 seconds and then keep going from a slightly greater distance.

Even some of the oldest and the most well-used wraps have been revived back to great condition with this technique giving them a second and even third life!

We recommend repairing your wraps as you see fit, depending on how much you use them and the condition of your wrap.

If only all of our everyday items were so easy give a second, third or even fourth life!

Good luck, and don’t forget to tag and share some pics of your restoration project on our social media platforms.

In the Garden!

Growing delicious veggies with your spare times

Have you found yourself arriving at your local market just as you watch the last bag of salad mix or baby spinach you had your eyes on the fly off the shelf?

Luckily, there’s no need to rely on anyone but yourself when it comes to providing your kitchen with a year-round, healthy supply of fresh, crisp salad leaves!

Salad greens are rewarding and easy to grow. The tiny seeds can be sown directly into pots on balconies, or directly into the soil of outdoor garden beds. After the seedling stage, they grow quickly and leaves can be harvested often, giving you multiple fresh salads per week and plenty left over for your wraps and sandwiches.

As well as the different lettuce varieties we’re used to, try adding some variety to your garden by planting some other edibles which bees will love like Borage and Nusturtium. If you enjoy a bit of heat on your pallet, plant some cress, or radish. If you have a real eye for plants than you might like to learn how to identify some weeds like chickweed, dandelion and purslane which are easily found and contribute even more flavour and health benefits to your plate.

5 tips for delicious salad all year round:

1. Plant as many different varieties as you can with your available space to add some diversity to your salad mix. Eat the rainbow!

2. Pick regularly to enjoy the leaves when they are freshest, and to make sure nothing else eats them first!

3. Salad leaves have shallow roots so it’s important to keep your topsoil moist and apply a mulch layer to retain moisture. Water often.

4. Check which plants will suit your climate before buying seeds. Our friends at Easy Come Easy Grow have a monthly seed posting service to take the headache out of knowing what to plant and when.

5. Learn how to forage for extra goodies to put in your salad.

Remember salad mix can last up to 2 weeks in your Beeswax Wrap when folded into a bag and placed on the bottom shelf of the fridge!

Good luck and happy gardening!

Rob Holley

A Message From Josh, The Founder

Winter is here and Beeswax Wraps Australia is ready for stage thrive!

In the blink of an eye, and with hindsight 20/20, our brave new world presses on.

A journey of chaos to stillness, and answers that led to more questions, it’s fair to say that confusion has been more than rife as we stumble into this unforgettable new decade.

As a small business aspiring to change the world for the better, where do we fit into it all aside from the simplicity of sustainable solutions to plastic wrap? Where do any of us fit in? How do we continue to pull each other up, when contact is suddenly off-limits according to the rule-makers, and how do we harness this magical moment to create a better future than whatever came before?

At some point during this crazy experience, it is our great hope that our collective minds have found their individual moments to reflect and question how we will emerge from all of this with greater awareness and motivation for positive change in our community and in our world. The potential for growth has been thrust upon each of us like a healthy pruning and shifting for a spectacular elevation of consciousness and new life. As uncomfortable as things may seem through times like these, we should align our mental energies to look towards the fruits we can now more easily create from all of this, as this will be a key to thriving into the future.

As we begin to make our way back to our local farmers’ markets in the coming weeks, we want you to know how grateful we are for each of you, and that we look forward to our new world together. Let’s make it a beautiful one full of gratitude and compassion, light, truth and love.

Your effort and passion for a sustainable future not only inspires us, but it is our reason for being here.

Blessings to all, and we’re excited to see you again soon!

Joshua Beck, Creative Director

Beeswax Wraps Australia